Bears' Lair Chardonnay

Bears' Lair Chardonnay

Another good diario wine is the Bears' Lair Chardonnay from California, available for 3.95. They also have a red wine which I believe is a Cabernet."

Bears' Lair Chardonnay

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bear's lair chardonnay

Someone brought a bottle to lunch at my house, and I was wowed - thought it was probably above my priceline, and asked where it came from. When she told me TJs, I priced it next time I was there. haven't bought anything else since then. Even though it's a Bronco wine, it's consistent and very good.

Bears' Lair 2006 Chardonnay

I bought a bottle of Bears' Lair Chardonnay 2006 from Trader Joe's. At $3.99 it is an excellent value..smooth, fragrant, fruity and with an excellent aftertaste. I usually drink Meridian Chardonnay which is slightly more expensive ($5.99) and I find the two wines so similar I don't know if I could distinguish them in a blind tasting.

When I just checked with Trader Joe's, they now stock the 2007 Vintage.

Jack Carlson

Bear's Lair Chardonnay

No usually a white wine enthusiast, but rec'd it as a gift and
enjoyed it very much. Having trouble finding it locally and can't
remember who gave it to us! HA! Told you it was good!!!

Bears' Lair Chardonnay

Well, if you're anywhere near Trader Joe's -- and they are nationwide now -- you should be able to find one there. What state are you in?